I just got diagnosed as CKD Stage 2 , w/ GFR 66 , creatinine at 1.3 .

I am scared because my doctor told me for people on my age GFR should be above 100, and mine is running 60% only. He urged me to take diet plan and re-check in 3 months. 

I immediately took diet plan for myself, nearly no meat but very few chicken breast boiled everyday now. and boiled vegas, and eat many fruits. 

Any advise? I am scared. 

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Hi Jack, you can certainly look online for kidney diets (davita) is a good site for recipes and advice. 66% isn’t too low in terms of being symptomatic of kidney disease. Monitor your blood pressure and certainly if it gets High your dr may prescribe blood pressure medication to keep it lower. Avoid smoking and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight. Depending on the reason for your kidney functioning decline you may stay at that level for many many years. I was at 50% functioning at your age and I had a kidney transplant last year but my decline in functioning to 10% was because I have polycystic kidney disease. Limit your salt and phosphate intake but still enjoy your life!! Adopting a well rounded healthy lifestyle is the best you can do now. I’m not a dr but I don’t think you should be going to extremes. For many years my nephrologist just told me to keep doing what I was doing because it was working for me. 

Hi jack I am 25 years  old and I have had kidney disease all my life and my advice is to drink plenty of water and reduce salt and also monitor your blood pressure of course keep up with your follow up with dr and just as said before many people live for years and some of them are not as healthy as a young person .  don’t worry you can get through it I know it’s scary but you have support here if you ever have any questions or want to talk . 

wow, thank you Ana. You are really holding strong. Yes I am scared I am definitely DO NOT want to go into dialysis such a young age or couple years later. I am on my low protein , no red-meat, more water diet already. I used to drink all kinds of caffeine drinks instead of water, and red-meat is my favor. 

I am doing everything I can to prevent my GFR from going down. 

Thank you Ana. I cant imagine how a person live through 25 years with kidney disease must have a strong mindset. Sorry to hear that but let fight this together and well live our life. God Bless you. 

Thanks and yes we will you take care of yourself as well you are doing everything right to help keep your GFR up . Keep your head up you will Get through it and I hope you don’t have to go on dialysis if ever or if needed not for many many years . Take care!

Good Day Jack

First and foremost is to reduce your fear.  You have made some dietary changes to help your kidney function. You need to be aware of potassium, sodium and phosphorus.  Stay away from colas. You are young. Remember that this lives WITH you not you with it.  Live life.  Be sure to reduce stress and anxiety.  They cannot be avoided but you can learn to ease them.  People live very active lives with kidney disease. They do Triathlons, marathons, travel, play sports, make love and enjoy life.  Just need to keep check on the harmful foods and drinks. Be sure to have some quiet time to wind down.  Do not hide.   

Take care.  Laugh, enjoy friends and family. Be NORMAL. Be Happy.  

Smiles, laughs and hugs


Hi Jack my son was diagnosed with ckd stage 2 when he was 11,he is 15 now and at stage 3..so 4 years,in alot of cases you can prolong it by watching your blood pressure and eating low sodium foods..try not to worry to much



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