Hello everyone.  My father is nearing the stage where dialysis is needed.  We've been discussing which form of dialysis would be best.  His healthcare team is really pushing PD, but I have concerns considering my father's dementia.  His dementia is considered mild; however, I think he would have difficulty following the strict guidelines with regard to care of the catheter and the whole process in general.  We've been assured that in-home assistance would be available but still feel apprehensive.  Is there anyone who has experience with a dementia patient on dialysis?  Thanks

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I'm sorry, but I only have experience with those two things separately and not together. Would your healthcare team be able to connect you to someone locally with that experience? Since they seem to think it will be ok, surely they've helped someone do it before.

Best of health and luck to you and your Dad

Thanks for your response.  My healthcare team did offer their experience but the patients they described were more advanced dementia patients.  My father is quite independent...and stubborn.  With PD you have to handle the catheter and insertion site with care at all times; following hygienic protocols.  I've been trying to connect with someone through my local chapter of the kidney foundation to get more info.

Good Day  Danny

I was on PD for over a year with good success. My mother-in-law had dementia. So exposure to both. Perhaps you can contact a care facility for dementia/Alzheimer patients and ask for advice in dealing with your issue. You will need to consider medication conflicts diet and emotions and progression of the dementia.

I found with PD that you must do sponge bath instead of shower/bath.  You will  attend the training and have the procedure to maintain the site. I was unable to do PD laying down so I did the bags. Took half hour to 45 minutes.  Four times a day.  I eventually went to a cycler but did it sitting for 4 hours.  I had an extension that allowed to go to the bathroom. We were given cream to put on our catheter entry site daily and shown how to inspect. You will need storage space for supplies. A home inspection will  be done to ensure suitable environment. No reflection on housekeeping.  For safety and to ensure doing properly at home.

You may find the bags to be easier initially as your dad can do while watching tv.  I found the PD gave me control of fluid buildup and some diet benefits as removing toxins daily.  Look on kijiji or local shops for IV pole.  Seen them for $40 or $50 on some internet sites.

Understand as well that until the PD catheter is inserted and tested you will still need to consider hemodialysis.  Some of us had pain issues initially. We are all unique. Always remember that most of the issues we as renal patients may not want to be shared but the nurses and caregivers do not judge. They help resolve the issue. 

good luck.  Stay positive.

Smiles, laughs and hugs





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