Hi everyone. I've been dealing with worsening symptoms over the last 4 to 5 years. I have a constant dull and sometimes stabbing pain in the area of my right kidney. It's hard to sleep at times. I have flair ups, maybe once a month where I feel just horrible. Flu-like symptoms, chills and fever-ish. Very weak and tired, a headache that wont go away. It also effects my mood greatly, I feel very depressed when it comes on. I urinate frequently, especially at night. Sometimes the urine is foamy or bubbly. Sometimes my skin is itchy and my complexion is red-faced. My face will break out in rosacea. Doctors can find nothing... All my blood work and urine test are fine. I've had ultrasounds and 2 CT scans. The only thing they seem to find are 1 or 2 cysts on my liver. Apparently my prostate is slightly enlarged. My appetite and digestion seem fine.

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Hi Ken, so do you have a diagnoses for kidney disease? Do you have cysts on your kidneys? I had pain in my kidneys from pkd, but if you had ultrasounds that would have been found. I was urinating frequently during the night and my nephrologist told me it was because my parathyroid was overactive? He suggested decreasing calcium and increasing phosphorus? But definitely get tested before you make any changes.

No I do not, the doctors can't seem to find anything. I have cysts on my liver, not kidneys. 




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