I'm scheduled to get a kidney transplant on October 16th.  My cousin's wife is giving me a kidney.  What can I expect around transplant time pre/post?  I know all transplants are different but I have some anxieties because this is my first transplant.

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Great news that you're getting a transplant! I hope everything goes well. It would be great if you have an opportunity to record your pre and post transplant experiences on this site through a blog, if you feel well enough. I'm sure lots of people would benefit from reading your thoughts. Best of luck!

Ok, I'll see what I can do.

I learned that it is important to be in as good of shape as you can as that helps to recuperate faster. Also after the surgery it is important to be able to walk as soon as you can afterwards so that your legs don't get any clots from being in bed too long.  Also if the kidney does not work right away, don't panic. Mine did not work for 7 weeks but then now I am going onto my 6th year kidney anniversary. It is sometimes hard to learn to drink lots again depending on how many years you were on dialysis with limited fluid intake 



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