Hi! My name is Barry. I live in Texas and am 71 years old. I have a question about starting dialysis. My doctor wants me to start dialysis soon since my GFR is 14 and creatinine is 6. He says I will need to be hospitalized 5 days to get everything set up and started. This seems like a long time to me. What have you guys experienced when you started dialysis?  Did it require hospitalization and ,if so, for how long?  Can this be started as an outpatient?  Thank you in advance for you input. 

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Hi Barry,  Welcome!    I was feeling so lousy as my numbers showed increasing renal failure that my Doc never even gave me a choice!  On a Thursday he said go to the Kidney Care Centre at the local hospital for an intro to kidney failure the following day, and on Monday morning I had my chest/neck catheter port put in and Monday afternoon I had my first Dialysis for 2.5 hrs, and then every MWF for 4 hrs.  After 2 - 3 weeks I began to feel wonderful!  

I am sure your Doc has his/her reasons for suggesting you go IP for stabilization, but I would ask very clearly why it is necessary.  You may have other medical problems which necessitate close monitoring.   You do have a choice, and there are various options available to you.  You can choose not to do Dialysis and you will receive palliative support. Or you can be assessed for home dialysis,  or you can continue with receiving dialysis at the hospital.    This is a difficult time for you.  The hospital has especially trained nurses who can answer your zillion questions.               jo




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