How many times do they test HLA blood cross match? My husband and I went through 27 months of testing. We were congratulated and told to go out and celebrate in July. I was even taken off the transplant list because I was getting my husbands kidney. Had HLA blood cross match done in sept and was told in november that my husband wasn't negative enough. In the test it is either negative or positive. The test results showed negative but the doctors said that he wasn't negative enough!??? That is all that was told to us. I am now back on the decease list but  is so confused over 27 months of testing and nothing explained to us. Is this normal? 

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Different centers have different frequency of testing for crossmatch. Ultimately, everyone will test you and the donor at the last minute right before surgery. The sad truth is that that status can change without warning. While it was a long time ago, my cousin and I had an initial cross match, one roughly a month prior to the surgery, and then finally a test right when they were prepping us for surgery (it can take a while, so htere's time for the test).

While I don't know about the 'not negative enough', I do know that sometimes there are some weird sub-categories involved with blood typing. My friend started rejecting almost the minute she got the kidney from her husband. There wasn't a specific test yet (this was 15 years ago) to see this potential. She overcame it post surgery, but I'm not sure if they'd have done the transplant if they had known about this.

Sorry I can't be more positive but even with a deceased donor, there is a last minute crossmatch.

I am sorry to hear this, I am in the process of my family being tested, and was told it is a long and very slow process. I have 6 members waiting to be tested, and none of them have been contacted yet. Slow...



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