Hi I'm new here. I'm 30 years old and got diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy 4 years ago. Finding out I was already in stage 4 renal failure.

I'm wondering if anyone has dealt with something similar to this while they were in Stage 4. I don't know my exact GFR, just that my percentage is hovering around 19%.

Since the beginning of this year I've had a couple of scary events in the middle of the night and some times in the evening. One example is I was sitting down watching tv and then suddenly out of nowhere I get a head rush, followed by feeling like I need to go to the washroom. Then wave's of nausea come about. This usually lasts for about a half an hour to an hour. The first 2 times it happened I went to emergency for it because it hit me at 1am. It almost felt like I was having an heart attack followed it being really hard to fall asleep. In both those cases I had an ECG done and they detected nothing wrong with my heart. 

So I'm starting to think it's anxiety related. I'm wondering about any stories anyone would like to share dealing with anxiety and anxiety related issues while having ckd. Also just any other complications that could or have come up as a result of living a long period which such a low kidney function.


- Ryan

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Hi Ryan, I'm not sure what it is either but I have had a couple of episodes where I became very dizzy, nauseous and sweaty and ended up laying on the floor until it passed, and always in the middle of the night when I was up getting a glass of water. I am in stage 5 of kidney disease and have low blood pressure. When it has happened to me it seemed like the symptoms of fainting. When I was younger I was anemic and when I fainted I felt this way. Seemed to be brought on by moving too fast from laying down to standing.

Hi Kim, 

Forgive the late reply, I've been having some issues...but anyway, I don't know if you received an answer yet about those incidents but it sounds like low BP or even a "vaso-vagal" reflex response: feel like fainting/dizzy/lightheaded, nauseated, &/or like your bowels will move. You can also get sweaty and pale. 


Hi Loretta, I feel a lot better. I had a transplant in December and the dizzy spells have pretty much gone away. I still have low blood pressure but I haven’t had an problems at night anymore. It must have been related to my kidney functioning being so low. I still watch getting up too quick but I haven’t had feelings of fainting since. 

That's great!! Congrats!!


Hi Ryan, welcome to kidney Connect. your in stage 4, be careful. your my age. do you feel tiredness, shortness of breath or other symptoms. let me know. send me your contact, i will send you the do's and don't's. how to take care of your kidney.

Ryan don't respond to this person "Shafraz" seems like a scam to me

I agree that you should not respond to "Shafraz". I have experienced what you describe several times and in my case it was low blood pressure. I'm on 3 different BP meds and I think that occasionally they work too well. Do you have a home BP machine? 

Just suggestions. I am not a doctor and I doubt this Shafraz is either.

Thanks Kim, for the heads up. I checked out some of Shafraz's posts and yea they don't seem very legit. 

I feel like for the longest time I was around 135 over 90 and when I started losing some weight and managing the bp a bit better it might be giving me too low of blood pressure when I'm just sitting around or sleeping. Lately when I check it in the morning before work it's around 115 over 80. 

The fainting is scary though enough that by the time I go to the blood pressure machine some times it's slightly higher than normal.

I'm going to my family doctor tomorrow to get a physical, hoping it's not something else unrelated. Thanks for the response!

Hey John,

I'm actually only taking 1mg of mavik. It's an ace inhibitor/blood pressure med. I do have a home bp machine and it seems pretty consistent. Maybe I should get my specialist to get me that bp monitor that you wear for a week to detect weird changes at night.

BP monitoring is usually 1-2 days 24/hrs. Also, the ACE you're taking is for BP but is also renal protective. 

When you see your BP make sure you have at least 10 home BP readings done at various times of the day. Home BP measurements are superior to in clinic readings unless they are doing it on a BP machine that is automatically set to do 5-6 readings at least 1 min. apart. Any time you're on a BP medication, you should be sure you are drinking at least 8 cups of water /day unless your fluid is restricted. 

Good luck.


Good advice,because I got the same feeling that this ''Shafraz'' poster is a scammer.

Good Day Ryan

I had problems with blood pressure drops causing light headedness. Rooms would spin. Interesting that I was told to lose weight but for low blood pressure I was told to gain weight. Water retention and potassium levels contributed to problems. Be sure you are watching your potassium, phosphorus and sodium intake. Crucial for renal diet. Have you met with dietitian to ensure you are eating right to maintain kidney and slow down loss of function. We are all unique. I found that things were better when I kept my nephrologist and support team aware of issues  Let you GP and kidney doctors know you are concerned about overnight issues. and need to discuss with them. Use BP monitor and record your weight and BP and temperature. you are your best advocate to getting issues addressed. Speak up.

Good luck moving forward. Stay positive. Maintain your kidney and ask what percentage of function moves you to dialysis. You will have some bad days, good days and great days.


Hi Ryan,

Anxiety is common and can present with many different symptoms, but heart related symptoms are common, as are stomach/bowel issues, headaches, etc. It is quite reasonable that you would develop some anxiety symptoms. The key is to manage your anxiety and to educate yourself about the dos & don'ts of living with CKD. Following the advice of your dietician, Drs, and nurses to the best of your ability always helps. This road is a hard one at times, but you can do it! 

Everyone here has some knowledge & experience: so use it.

Take care.




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