The Kidney Foundation of Canada's Groups (16)

  • Kidney Clothes Supporters

    2 members Latest Activity: Mar 12, 2014

    Have you donated to our Kidney Clothes program? Want to share ideas about how to grow the program? Join our group!

  • Kidney Car Supporters

    2 members Latest Activity: Apr 25, 2014

    Have you donated your car to our Kidney Car program? Want to share ideas about how to grow the program? Join our group!

  • Transplant Recipients

    34 members Latest Activity: Aug 3

    This is a group for people who have received an organ transplant. Share stories of your surgery, recovery and more!

  • Peritoneal Dialysis

    27 members Latest Activity: May 19

    A group for people on Peritoneal Dialysis.

  • Hemodialysis

    16 members Latest Activity: Nov 9

    A group for people on hemodialysis.

  • Patient Volunteering

    12 members Latest Activity: Oct 3

    If you could design the perfect volunteer job for yourself to give back to the Kidney Community, what would it look like? What would you want to…

  • Organ Donors

    15 members Latest Activity: Mar 31, 2016

    Have you donated an organ or are you considering donating an organ? Join our group!

  • Kidney March Supporters

    12 members Latest Activity: Mar 21, 2015

    Group for Kidney March participants, volunteers, sponsors, and supporters. Our goal? To plant the boldest flag humanity has ever attempted…

  • Kidney Walk Supporters

    26 members Latest Activity: May 31

    Do you participate in The Kidney Foundation of Canada's annual Kidney Walks? Are you a participant, team member, or volunteer? Join this group and…

  • Alport Syndrome

    9 members Latest Activity: Mar 6

    A group for people affected by Alport Syndrome - patients, family members, caregivers etc.



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