Well, I haven't "blogged", so will give it a "whirl". 

First of all: Merry Christmas to everyone!!!! I start with this because I am just home yesterday after some "quality time" in hospital. I have been transplanted x 18 years & very grateful for it!! However, as many know, this does come with costs, namely being more prone to infections & "special" things...

The beginning of December I knew I wasn't feeling great, but just thought it was the usual December influenza, cough, cold season & knew I was taking some well deserved holidays for Christmas!! Well, it ended up that I was really tired and finished my day of work to go home to a warm bath, jammies and bed by 7pm!!! Then, fever, chillls, rigors, dry cough, felt basically like "c***"...off to GP in am. Is this influenza or pneumonia??? Off to xray & lab....a few hours later, phone call from GP: yup, pneumonia! Left upper lobe consolidation, start oral antibiotics assuming community acquired pneumonia...lots of fluids, rest, no work, no appetite.... fast forward one week. No better, still fevers, rigours, chills, losing wt, walking or anything felt like a marathon and was starting to "grunt" instead of breath...all in all, not a good picture here. Back to GP to let her know, "this ain't working"....off to ER with note...

In ER for 3 days, while they try to get a definitive diagnosis: another chest xray that now showed the pneumonia was diffuse ( all over the lungs), fever still, anemia of course, other electrolyte imbalances and a whole lotta other "stuff". I hear things like ICU, intubation/respirator/coma....Hooked up to IVs, high flow oxygen to keep my oxygen levels above 70%... It was a h*** of a "speed bump". I was in the hands of God and the specialists...which were many. Infectious diseases, respiratory, transplant/nephrology, ER Dr, Internal medicine, and ??. 

I can't tell you how many different antibiotics they pumped into me, but it was quite a bit and all broad spectrum so they could hopefully hit whatever was causing this. In the end, after many labs, consults, tests, bronchoscopy, etc. they said I have double pneumonia that is opportunistic for those of us that are immune compromised...PCP! So, I didn't die, didn't end up in ICU, but it was a long battle. I have lots of follow up to do, labs, infectious diseases, nephrology/transplant, and continue with meds/antibiotics, watch for side effects like bleeding, liver problems, more diarrhea, etc. 

I could have died, I had terrible diarrhea that resulted in having no dignity what's so ever: hence my title of death, dignity & diarrhea. We are mere bodies responding to various stressors and you can't have any expectation of remaining in control with your dignity totally intact when you go through something like this! I am ever grateful for the staff, the support, the caring, the skill & knowledge of the collective knowledge!! I have a renewed faith in healing, faith, the miracle that is our body's capacity to heal!! 

I will close here, knowing that I missed starting dialysis by a hair, which I am very grateful for, as I don't think I could handle that as well right now!!

So, to myself, and to all of the kidney community of sisters & brothers that can relate to this "h*** of a roller coaster"...I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and to a better and stronger 2018!!

Loretta: Home for Christmas!!!!

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Comment by lorlee99 on December 29, 2017 at 16:57

Thanks Kim Edwards! Being home is such a great place to be!!!

Comment by Kim Edwards on December 24, 2017 at 16:36

So glad you are on the mend and home for Christmas Loretta. Hoping for a better start to 2018!



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