EGFR 22 bicarbonate 19 hemoglobin 104 hematocrit 0.302 rbc 3.11 parathyroid 21.8 albumin creatinine 83.1 RDW 15.4 MCH 33.4

Low potassium diet helped and my potassium is in normal range now so so,e good news.... not gonna lie feeling a little lost about what to eat... anemic but can't have a lot of what has iron in it...

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Comment by lorlee99 on October 9, 2017 at 22:00

Hi :

Just curious as to why you can't have "a lot of what has iron in it"? Has your protein intake, aka , meat been limited? Hgb of 104 isn't too bad unless you are really symptomatic. You on Aranesp or some other bone marrow stimulant?


Comment by Kim Edwards on September 12, 2017 at 17:38
Sometimes it's not about eating iron rich foods. Your kidneys produce a hormone that helps with red blood cells and when your kidney function decreases so does your number of red blood cells. My nephrologist has just started me on EPO injections. Argggghhh I have to give them to myself! This should help with my anemia. My ferritin levels are not that bad.


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