Acute Kidney Failure From Contrast Dye (CT Scan) - Anyone have experience with this?

My mom is in the hospital because of Acute Kidney Failure brought on by the Contrast Dye in a CT scan she had and now they are talking about putting her on dialysis because her kidney function is not getting better.  I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this.  The nurse said most people who go on dialysis stay on for life, but when I read some studies on this they said 80% of patients with this issue don't need long term dialysis.  I'm very scared and feel like my mom's life has changed so drastically in so little time.  If anyone has had an experience like this I would be very thankful to hear outcomes or any information you can share.

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I've known a few people this happened to. Some only need temporary dialysis, some need it long term. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell at the beginning who this will happen to. In some cases going on dialysis more quickly gives the kidneys a bit of a rest and they come back. But I really don't know for sure what the actual protocol is.

Actually, I know an 80-something year old woman who recently had acute kidney failure. She was on dialysis for a couple of months, but her kidneys have settled nicely. Her function isn't completely normal, but more than good enough.

Hope this helps a bit.




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