Has anyone here had any luck with finding counselling through their Kidney Center Social Worker? I found it very odd that I told my social worker I’m terribly depressed. She said I need counselling. But when I asked for suggestions on where to get counselling she said she didn’t know. I hear so much about how supportive the Kidney Clinics are but I don’t find that at all. Is that just me? I know the clinic I’ve ended up in is terribly disorganized. I have no other choice unless I want to drive 2 hours each way from home, or move out to that city. 

I talked to the nephrologist 2 weeks ago and he said he’d talk to her. I haven’t heard a word since. All I can think of is if I commit suicide that will be one less patient they have to bother with... and yes, I feel like a bother. I have no family around me and I’m isolated from friends cause I don’t feel well enough to go out. 

I live in British Columbia but have honestly considered moving back to Ottawa, Ontario to see if services are better there. Weather sure isn’t. My GFR is 12. If I’m going to move it has to be soon.

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I’m so sorry that you are having such a difficult time. I live in Ontario so I am unsure of what support services there are in British Columbia. Can you speak to your GP about counseling closer to your home? 


Thanks Kim

i spoke to a community advocate. Guess I’m on my own. I have asked my GP in the past and she referred me to the local mental health assoc. That’s run by the BC government and I’m not impressed by the quality of staff, and there’s a constant turn-over. I think I found someone on my own. I’ll have to pay but hopefully my extended medical will cover some of it. It’s so expensive! I’m just really disappointed that we’re told we will have all this support when there is none. I’ll probably have to hire home care for myself as well if dialysis even works. I still need an x-ray to see if there’s room in my belly for the solution. I’m at 12% (dipped to 11% last month) and they haven’t bothered to do that? Or take into consideration that I have a horseshoe Kidney which takes up even more room. My kidneys are huge from PKD. I’m mostly nervous not knowing what the future will be or how to cope while I wait to find out.




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