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I have been driving in Burlington to my grocery store, pharmacy. These places are very close to me. I will not drive in the busy parts of Burlington. I was doing fine for the last couple of years. Now I almost had 4 accidents that would have been my fault and caused a very bad accident. There is a lack of concentration. I have 28% kidney function and I believe that is the problem with my concentration. I do not want to drive anymore. This poses limitations and reliance on others to get me places. Does anyone else have problems with driving? Am I imagining things?

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I didn't drive much when I was in ESRD and not at all for the year I was on dialysis. So I agree with you - it's not your imagination.

I’m wondering the same thing Corrie. I’m at 13%GFR. People who have driven my car say it’s no wonder I bump into things - mostly concrete posts - cause I can’t see the corners of my car. Also it’s very low. It’s a Civic but a sportier model I suppose. Problem is when I first had it in 2010 I didn’t realize I had a brain injury. I had a subdural hemotoma so me driving overcurbs and lacking concentration made sense Ionce I found out what was wrong and had it fixed. But now I’m starting to wonder again if it’s me or my car. Don’t want to buy a new one just to find out it’s me. I’m 66. I have those same feelings of wondering if I’m imagining it. There is no convenient transit where I live. Without my car I’m up a creek.




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