My name is Maria...my main goal in joining this group was to find more insight and understanding into my Dad's illness. 

My Dad is the cornerstone to my foundation in life, everyone goes to him with their problems, and he has always been able to resolve anyone's problem without passing judgement; that's because he has had several public falls in life for everyone to see. He has been a pillar of strength and that was proven over and over again with the struggles and passing of my brother at the young age of 27 years old.

Two and a half years ago my Dad suffered a heart attack, at that point in time his kidney function was hanging in around 12% and things drastically changed for all of us. Our family had planned a 2 week vacation/cruise to Rome, Greece and Turkey...the whole trip had to be cancelled because we were told he would be placed on dialysis when his kidney function hit 10% and travelling would exasperate his condition. In my Dad's true fashion his kidney function hit 6% in January that year , he was rushed to hospital where they inserted a perm-cath in for hemodialysis. For four months we drove an hour each way, 10-12 hours of treatment, every second day to the hemodialysis unit; he never seemed to stabilize or felt well on hemodialysis. So we were very grateful when peritoneal dialysis became an option for him, but with that brought new obstacles.

My Dad has been on peritoneal dialysis for over a year and a half now, everyday is a roller coaster because things change so drastically with him in a 24 hour period. Yes, he has made poor decisions in life...he's a type 2 diabetic, he is in congestive heart failure (heart is functioning at 25%), and he smokes! There were poor choices that he has made in life, but with all these faults he still amazes me as a human being and I love him greatly. 

Since I work in the nursing profession in a long term care facility I have taken an active roll in my Dad's health issues, and to help decrease the stress on my parents. It is tradition that I go to clinic with Dad, take him to his appointments, and I trained with him for the night cycler when he was placed on peritoneal dialysis. Each day is a blessing that he is still with us, but with those blessings also comes frustrations, stress, worry and even sometimes anger. I guess at the end of the day I wanted to know that we aren't alone...even with a large support group of family and friends it can still feel pretty lonely; I can only imagine how Dad feels.

Thank you everyone for listening to my rant.

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My Dad smoked most of his life. He found out he had lung cancer and after his surgery he had to take a lot of pain meds because he started smoking right after the surgery. He lived about 5 more years but had dimentia and the circulation in his legs was so bad he could hardly walk.

Once He lit a cigarette in the nursing home and his roommate was on oxygen!!! Oh dad, if only you would quit smoking. at 5 years after his lung tumor removal the cancer returned and he was gone in 3 short months.

I had to accept he was never going to quit smoking and have as many happy memories we could have while we still had him. He also had CHF. My husband and I have some fun or funny memories of him during this time. I was relieved to see him go, as he was suffering.

Each day with our dads is a gift. As the youngest I had the brunt of taking care of him in his final years.

I'm trying to live as healthy as I can so I don't have to put my husband or sons through complications due to my bad habits.

Sending you the best of luck. I hope some people that know about kidney disease can help you.




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