My hemoglobin has stayed very low for a year now, despite additional liquid iron and increased  Ara something, a hormone to stimulate the kidney.  It would appear my kidneys are recovering somewhat (I learn more tomorrow), but I am still seriously anemic.   Do other people have this same problem when their GFR is out of the failure range meaning their kidneys  have some good functioning?

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My kidneys have recovered to the point that I have been removed from dialysis!!!!!!!!!  YEAH!!!!!!!   I will still be closely followed, weekly and then biweekly, but no more machine!!

And my latest blood work showed my hemoglobin finally rose!   So much good stuff happening!

When I see my Doc, I will ask him if he has any idea about the WHY? question.    I was too happy to ask him on Tuesday.   jo

  • That’s great!

Thanks, Kim.   I think I am still adjusting to the news, and have a feeling that I have not left dialysis totally in the past.  One just never knows, but right now I will certainly enjoy the present moment, and remain on my renal diet.         




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