I’m new to this Group and thought I’d say “hi”!  My husband and I are originally from Edmonton, Alberta and we moved to Nanaimo, BC in summer 2017 (that’s in Canada for those who don’t know).  My husband is the patient and he has a GFR of 37, which has been pretty stable for the last while.  He is a type 1 Diabetic on an insulin pump (6 years), which is THE best thing ever with HBA1C being in the mid-6 range.  When we first met and I went to my first Endo appointment with him, the specialist said to us that within five years he would be a candidate for dialysis.......well 25 years later and we are still functioning without....thank goodness!  This is one of my biggest fears, worries and concerns, but now that we have moved to the island, we have been “inducted” into the kidney care clinic where he will be monitored and watched closely....just in case things take a turn.  Anyway....that’s my little intro as to why I joined this Group online.  Thanks for reading!

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Welcome to the forum.  You and your husband will be a help to those of us who are diabetic and have renal disease.  I am type 2 and battling my sugars.  I received my 13 months ago and doing well. Battling my sugars. Still can't get how to handle my insulin and eating. Maybe you can give a couple of diet tips to help  us manage renal and diabetic together. \

Keep up the good work maintaining the kidney.   

thank you for the positive news.


Hey PDBoy

Some things I’ve learned is don’t beat yourself up with the sugars.  If you watch the carb intake and get exercise of some sort helps.  Avoid salty foods as much as possible and don’t add extra salt.  Plus, eat more fresh veggies and fruit than having juices or canned.  

When I met my hubby he was on the pen and using the fast acting and long acting insulin’s.  He was taking over 300 units in one day and since the pump....it has cut him to just over half the amount!  He tests his sugars.....five to six times a day and when he is working it can be eight times.  This helps as he can then adjust his pump accordingly.  

It is a tough disease to live with or be the partner of one who has it.  I made it my disease when I met my husband and I attend all his appointments (if I can).  I think knowing he has someone to help him through / support him is also a big thing.  

Hope these tidbits help out.

Good Day   

Thank you for info.  I can confirm your support makes huge difference.  My wife has been my rock through the good and the bad of both diabetes and kidney disease. I am one year post transplant and hoping to have it and the wife around for long time. I am retired 3 years.  Wish your husband well and a special hug for you as caregiver. As the commercial say ...... Priceless.


PD Boy....hello.

Glad to hear your transplant went well!  And, glad to hear you have an awesome partner too that stands by you and is your rock.  It sure does make a difference when you have that support, love and caring behind you.  Wish you luck, good health and all the best.  Hope to chat again sometime.





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