Hello, I am new here and this is my intro! I live in central Ontario. I was healthy a year ago, and then had a ABF surgery, Aortic BiFemoral graft. Immediately following the surgery my creatinine level began to rise, plus I had bladder problems which I never had before. I "crashed" into dialysis the first week in December. I have responded well and my time on the machine was reduced to 3.5 hrs in early January, and then in early February the Doc told me there were signs my kidneys were slowly recovering and my time on the machine was further reduced to twice a week @ 3hr.
I am being told I might possibly stop dialysis altogether! I refuse to get my hopes up that far. jo

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Hi Jo,

Hope for the best and expect the worst. Not sure if that's great advice, but you're never unprepared. Sounds like things are improving, and hope is always a good thing to have on your side. If you're kidneys were good a year ago, surely it's not too far fetched to believe that they may recover, depending on exactly why they were not performing so well.

So here's hoping things go your way...Please keep us posted. (I was on PD for six years, but had a transplant last Feb/17.) I'm also in Central Ontario.

Hi Ron,   I don't hope very much in my life anymore, for the disappointment always hurt so much, and my acceptance of kidney failure and dialysis had to be complete in order for me to move on, so when the first news came for a reduction in dialysis time from 4 hrs to 3.5, I accepted it as a nice gift.   but then when the Doc said there were signs that I was having increased kidney function and he reduced my time to 2 days @ 3 hrs, I was thrilled and shocked.  I couldn't really grasp the possibility of coming off dialysis, for no one had ever said that was a far fetched possibility.   And now last week the Head Charge nurse told me I was one of the people she was closely following the blood work for it a person didn't belong there, they didn't want them. !  And yesterday I was told that if the blood work continues to improve, I will stop having dialysis!  Just like that!  I gulped and said I thought I would be weaned off, and she said nope!  You are gone and will be followed by your Doc in his clinic!   WOW!  Now a bit of hope is coming in the picture!    I am so worried about the crash, my crash if the blood work reverses!  But, twice a week is really acceptable.  3 x's I don't like at all.  Once a week would even be better!  LOL!

I will find out what the picture is on Friday after they draw my blood, or on Tuesday when I will get the results.  Having the GFR rise out of failure and back into Severe is exciting!  only a kidney patient can say that!  LOL!      I really feel so good, just my normal aches and pains with this back and shoulder, with this body!    I don't ever want to feel like I did in Nov and Dec again.  I can function fine this way!     I so love my involvement in my music, in my 2 choirs!  Orillia and Gravenhurst.  I treasure that.  And my new dumb dog!  Oh, Ron, he is so dumb!  The last 2 dogs I have had were so smart that this one a doberman is a dramatic difference.  He is doing better, though. 

Thanks for writing.  I did start a note welcoming the new people but am having difficulty navigating this site.    

Thanks for the update. Sounds pretty encouraging, as far as the world of kidney issues goes. I did the 4x daily PD treatment for 6 yrs., but it just becomes the new normal, and the HUGE benefit of PD is no hospital visits. Just do it at home, easy peasy. I can relate with the pet. I'm almost certain our current cat is autistic. Seriously. Pets are just like people..so different from one to the other.




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