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Hi Corrie:

Another site for renal friendly recipes is the Kidney Foundation of Canada.  In the search bar, enter recipes.   A link will appear with blogs and other information.  I used this site a lot when I was on dialysis (PD)

Hi there! It has been 3yrs post transplant and I am feeling great.  I have returned to work and athletic competition completing several Triathlon and Ironman events.  The Canadian Transplant Games are approaching and if there is anyone that would like to participate and needs some assistance with training let me know as I would be happy to help.

All the best.

Hi Roy:

Isn't it great to feel good again.  I am 2.5 years post transplant and I too, feel good. When I think how I was feeling before dialysis; there is no comparison!   Where and when are the CTG?

Vancouver July 2-9, 2017.  events will be held in and around UBC using the athletic facilities in the area:)


I haven't connected for at least 2 years, so I am reconnecting. I am a 59 year old 3/12 yers post transplant, and feeling great. I have blood work done every 8 weeks, and the only time I talk to anyone at transplant is when I have my 6 month appointment. I saw my doctor in March, and my September appointment was cancelled, so I had to see her in December. No one had any problems with my waiting. I have been on the same meds and dosage for over 21/2years now. As Dr. C. says, "we love mediocrity here". I just had my knee replaced six weeks ago, and it went well. No post-operative complications.

I'm sorry if I sound as if I am crowing. I just feel so good about my life.
I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season.

Bless you all.

Amazing! Congratulations!

It is so wonderful to hear positive news! Congrats! all the best for the new year

hi peeps! I just started dialysis again living in montreal, i got a transplant last 2009 but this year it failed. so now im on dialysis again. i feel depress atm and need some people to talk to. thanks.

Hey Jasper. I am also in the Mtl area, slowly my function is diminishing. Which hospital do u go to?

jewish general hospital. how abt you?

Lakeshore Hospital in the West Island.  

I am at stage 2/3 - lots of weird symptoms. What is the process of dialysis? Do you have to go every day?




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