Hello all, just looking for a little advice from people who have first hand experience please. Little back story, I was recently diagnosed with an excessively dilated left ureter basically by accident during a CT scan as follow up from my oncologist for previous colon cancer.  I had had a right hemi-colectomy just over a year ago so the nagging pain/discomfort I was feeling was chalked up to the after effect of having 1/3 of my colon removed.  I was referred to a urologist who sent me for a nuclear renal scan, it basically showed I had 11% function left in that kidney.  He chose to insert a stent for a couple of months and repeat the scan to see if the kidney function improved at all.  I had the stent placed, tolerated that well enough (I still have it though I was told it would be in for 4 weeks it is now 8 weeks but again it is more annoying than anything else so I can manage that).  I had my repeat scan last week and saw the urologist this morning for the results, he said my kidney function went from 11% to 12% so basically no improvement as far as he was concerned.  His suggestion was to remove the kidney as the stent is not helping the function and when he was placing the stent he noted that the ureter had a very sharp kink in the UPJ junction which was apparently 'kinked' long enough to cause long term irreversible damage to that kidney.  Now from my research I was really hoping to hear I would just need a pyeloplasty (sp?) and I was a little shocked to hear I was going to lose an entire kidney.  Now because I think I looked so shocked and a little speechless he made an appointment to see me in another 2 weeks to discuss it and make a plan of action, so i have some time to think about it but I am a little lost on what to do now.  I did ask about having the pyeloplasty and he didn't think it was the best plan (basically saying it was a waste of time without saying those exact words) but he also said he could leave the kidney as it is and remove the stent and just 'live with it' as is as long as it doesn't start to cause too many infections etc. I currently get UTI's about 3-6 times per year.  Just wondering if anyone else has been in this situation and what you based your decision on, right now I'm kind of at a loss. Thank you in advance.

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Good Day Leah

Many years ago I was informed of a kink in ureter of left kidney. Had a stent inserted but no improvement. Told that kidney not functioning and I could live with a single kidney.  Kidney left in body. No problems. Eventually my diabetes and high blood pressure took its toll on the right kidney. Decline had its bad moments but I was able to work. 2014 my retirement gift was hemodialysis 3 times a week. I went through training and procedures to move to PD at home in 2015. I evenually wa doing a blend of PD at home and in-center hemodialysis. 2017 I received my transplant.

Stay positive and maintain your renal diet best you can  to aid remaining kidney. Remember we are all unique. PD I found more flexible.  I could not do overnight at no drain if lying down.  Hemo at home not possible in apartment. Following protocols for help reduce risks for infection.  

Good Luck with your journey.  Stay positive. You will have ups and downs. Keep control of sodium, potassium and  phosphorus.  I am sure you are aware that sodium is not just salt but is present in many foods.  Have your doctor arrange for you to speak with a dietitian to assist with food choices and restrictions in renal disease.

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