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Can anyone tell me how long it took for them to get on the wait list for a kidney transplant.  It took a year to do all the workup for a kidney transplant. I live in Cape Breton and my chart has been sent to Halifax, NS (that's where they do the transplants). Does someone call you and let you know your on the waitlist?  Also, is there priority for people who are on Dialysis?


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I can tell you that in Ontario, you go on the wait list as soon as you start dialysis. HOWEVER, if you also have someone being tested as a possible live donor, your name is not activated until they have/have not been deemed a suitable candidate.  But you do move up the list as time goes by. Once your live donors have been worked through (five in my case, all flunked the testing over a five year time frame) they activate your name. So in my case, by the time they activated my name, I had about a five month wait. (so about six years total on the list..but NS is a lot quicker) . I ended up getting an anonymous live donor..pretty lucky.

That was three weeks ago. I'm home now and things are back to 'normal'..if having three kidneys can be considered normal!



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