Hi my name is Mary. On December 6 2016, i had a kidney transplant. Both of my kidneys were removed because they were covered in cysts (polycycstic) a total of 23kg. Too big for my body.
Recently my hair is thinning, I have dark circles and swelling under my eyes. Has anyone has these issues? Is it th medication? Will it go away? They already reduce my prednisone to 15ml every other day (I couldn't sleep at all).
Appreciate any feedback.

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Hi Mary:    I am two years post transplant.  Initially my hair was thinning for approx  1 month due to the anti rejection drugs.   The swelling under your eyes, I did have many years ago when I was on a high dose of prednisone due to my kidneys failing.   I think  you should check with your nephrologist about your side effects.  Also, read you through the information about having a kidney transplant.  Hopefully it will address your concerns. (I got a 90 page book  covering everything under the sun!)  Don't be afraid to ask questions and don't leave the doctor's office until your satisfied your questions have all been answered.

Thankyou so much for replying Lori. It's good to know. Hoping this, the face swelling and weight gain, will subside after awhile. They did change my prednisone dose three weeks ago, to 15ml every other day. Not sure if it will go down any more than that. I did get a binder but noth with that many pages of info. It does not address all the questions and concerns I have.

Hi Mary: Make sure you ask at your next appt. It's your body. You can also search on google reputable medical web sites (eg. Mayo Clinic,  Webmd, etc).  I had facial swelling also when I was on prednisone years ago (and whole lot of other bodily changes).  I am currently on 5mg daily and don't have any swelling. Maybe you can get down to that dose eventually.



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