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‘Helping professions’ and Burnout

We all feel burnout sometimes, and the helping professions like that of physicians and psychologists are also not immune to it. Having a perfect work-life balance seems like an illusion. In 1970, American psychologist Herbert Freudenberger coined the term “burnout” to describe the consequences of severe stress and high ideals experienced by people working in “helping” professions. Later he came up with a self-help book on the same subject matter “Burnout: The High Cost of High…


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5 Things To Consider Prior To Choosing A Web Design Firm

Today, a parent isn't solely in domination over raising it is not just. Dad must be equally involved. However it is a truth that it's the mom in which has to together with the greatest. What do all those moms who are entrepreneurs experience as easily?

In other words, new writers need guidance (from professionals) equally as almost as much ast they did before the technological book revolution. Along with also guidance just has to come before installed the…


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Night hemo

Hi..I was wondering if anyone doing hemo at night?
I am just starting at home and I am still worry about alarms and problems.
Do they use a different machine for night dialysis?
I don't think I could sleep, I would be too worry.

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“Moonface” – By Angela Balcita

There are many books and articles that deal with people living with kidney disease. Our current review is a different genre of book, a memoir of a lady who had three kidney transplants. Angela Balcita, the recipient and the author of this book, shares her inspiring story.

Angela calls herself and her husband “the most sensational tragic comedians in the world,” finding humor in the most distressing circumstances she encounters in her life. Their mantra is not to take…


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Hello My Name is

How a sensitive health care professional can make a difference

We all have, probably more than once, visited hospitals and diagnostic centers, and I am sure, most of us experienced some level of anxiety. The most anxious moments can be while waiting for test results. This anxiety of the dreaded unknown is often significantly modified by how these results were communicated to us, better or worse.

Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose your words well.

- Robin…


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losing my kidney

On June 22,2016 I had my transplant Things where going fairly well. Until I got infection in my kidney at the end of Oct I was put in the Hospital for 5 weeks at the Ottawa General.They tried to save the kidney and they where trying everything they can think of. On November 27 they had too take it out. I have been upset about this but I really cannot do anything about it. I am back on dialysis which sucks really bad. I just have to take it one day at a time. Any comment is good for me.…


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Coping with the 'D' Word

Whenever my health issues begin to overwhelm me, I sing the lyrics from the movie "Annie" ~ "The sun will come out tomorrow..."  I have always been of the mindset that even behind the darkest clouds the sun is shining.

I am a believer in the validity of many sayings ~ "The darkest before the dawn"; "Nothing ventured ~ Nothing gained"; "What doesn't break us ~ Makes us stronger", and my personal favorite is:…


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Now on the Hemo Trail From Peritoneal

Greetings to all,

Just a little up date here. I have now successfully made the transition from peritoneal dialysis to Hemo (after some weeks of illness with peritonitis.)

Bottom line is I am doing much better now, the peritonitis is long gone and to my amazement, I actually have been doing better on Hemo. By that I mean, I am experienced improved energy, I am gaining weight and have a much improved appetite. For 2 and 1/2 years I was probably one of the biggest fans on…


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What not to say when visiting a kidney patient

As a nephrologist, I have witnessed numerous patient-clinician encounters and heard even more from patients during their clinic or dialysis visits. A recent conversation with one of my patients, who has a kidney disease, brought to light how she felt by the reactions and comments of her friends and relatives. Even with the best of intentions, we can sometimes say something that can genuinely hurt a patient. These remarks can come in any form and even from loved ones. This highlight the large… Continue

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Companions to a Mindful Life

Often, especially during times of stress, we feel a strong urge to feel calmer, de-clutter our minds and approach the world in a more mindful way. Mindfulness has become a popular and employed stress reduction tool and has become something of a buzzword in recent years.

What does mindfulness mean? Daniel J. Siegel, in his book, “The Mindful Brain: Reflection and Attunement in the Cultivation of Well-Being,” defines it this…


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Katie’s Kidney Blog – 6 month update after surgery

Weight – 115lbs

Incisions – Looking a bit lighter now. You can barely see the small laparoscopic scar at all! If you didn’t know it was there, no one would ever notice it. The bigger incisions are still pretty noticeable but I do see an improvement from the photos we took at the 3 month mark.…


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Quality of Life Progression during Dialysis Initiation

 The Importance of Resilience and Social Support

Dialysis initiation is often associated with emotional distress, involving both patients and their families. Many aspects of these dynamic changes can be appreciated by evaluating different quality of life (QOL) parameters. Repeating the same measurements over periods of time, in the same patients, can provide useful information on how impactful this period is. As well,…


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Feeling Depressed? Listen to your inner voice

How you can get benefitted from Behavioral Activation 

A Post by Erika Engel

Executive/Life Coach and Therapist

Of the 7.5 billion world, a staggering 350 million people suffer from depression, which by all counts is an alarming…


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Renal End-of-Life Care: Impact on Patients, Families & Staff

Psychonephrology Lecture Series Toronto, Canada

Presented by Lewis Cohen, MD

Professor of Psychiatry, Tufts University  |  Director, Renal Palliative Care Initiative, Baystate Medical Center  |  Boston MA

Dr. Cohen has published and lectured extensively on palliative care topics in…


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Embracing Life

 A poem by Linda L. Dowd R.N.

Reeling images of long ago

are cascading through my mind,

Picture-perfect in retrospect,

~ Memories intertwined.


I pay no heed to pains of past,

nor to regrets or sorrows,

For they'd impinge upon todays

and darken my tomorrows.

I fill my mind with pleasant thoughts, ~These memories bring me smiles. By adding joy to…


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Kidney DIsease Stage 2, possible kidney damage as well

I was diagnosed with kidney disease 4 years ago and the Dr. does not know the cause of it. I was tested 13 months ago and was told it is at stage 2 with 68% function. Last year I had high potassium levels, low Iron with anemia, low blood pressure still 75/55 most days and nightly pain in both legs when I lie down for the past 6 months. My last Dr. told me to add extra salt to increase my blood pressure. the Dr. I see now at a clinic says not to do it because of the side effects. I have also…


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It's official - I know have kidney disease, not kidney damage, and these are my thoughts.

It's night.  My Mom is in bed.  My dog wants to go to sleep and is sighing loudly because I'm not going yet.  The wind is howling with the first winter storm of the night.  It's less than 0 and we may wake up to snow in the morning.

My usual resolve not to think about kidney problems is breaking down, and I'm thinking about what that means.

I think back to my very early 20's.  A friend of mine had a mother on kidney dialysis.  I didn't know what that meant or how sick she was,…


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Everything Changed

Laying on the surgical table I knew that my life was going to change forever.

I was diagnosed with kidney disease, put on dialysis and started looking for a individual who would donate a kidney. Donating a kidney should never be something you ask a individual to do, so you wait. My cousin Stephanie came forward we were a good match kidney wise so I had another shot at life …. I was only…


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Katie’s Kidney Blog – 3 month update after surgery

The social worker at the hospital told me that regardless of the outcome of surgery, things would be different afterwards. Life would be normal again, but a “new normal”. That turned out to be the best description. The “new normal” isn’t better or worse than before, it’s just a little different.

Weight – 115lbs. The last few pounds will have to…


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When I started this process, almost everybody called me crazy and were not so subtly trying to make me change my mind. It's now almost one year since I donated. Earlier in the year I received a card from my recipient. He is doing well. I am doing well, exactly as I was before. So with a surgery and a few weeks of discomfort, one healthy person turns into two healthy persons. The fact that i'll never meet this second person is irrelevant. I feel vindicated.

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