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Ten Things I Would Have Missed Out On Had My Kidneys Not Failed

1.  Knowing from experience that health is an incredible gift

Who thinks of health as a gift when healthy?  I never did. Health was something I took for granted, something I deserved.  Health was par for the course, standard practice, basic requirement.  It wasn’t until health was taken away that…


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One Year Post Transplant


Wow.  It's May 28, 2015.

One year ago today, I woke up from an operation that made a massively significant difference in my life.  That morning I had a total kidney function of 5% but by the afternoon, that had gone up to a whopping 50%.

My beautiful wife donated…


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Amazing New Kidney

This amazing little kidney

The gift that keeps giving

Especially with semantics

When "kept alive" becomes…


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Pre to Post Transplant Journey

This is a vid I made chronicling our pre to post transplant journey.  Today also happens to be our 27th Anniversary and Jennifer's gift to me was overwhelmingly extraordinary.  …


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Post Transplant

Got to see my sweetheart for the first time in 30 hours. The last time I had seen her was as we were being wheeled into our operating rooms. I kissed her hand and we parted. She is so beautiful and amazing. She’s still in a lot of pain and neither of us slept in the…


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Ode To A Living Donor

Who are you and what is this magnanimous gift you give?

This gift of life.  

This gift of restoration.

You, who are healthy, perfectly healthy (months and months of medical exams healthy)

So willing to make yourself as though one…


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Nine Indispensable Attitudes For Successful Dialysis Navigation

     I have only been on dialysis for two months now (definitely still in the rookie phase of the whole experience).  From the beginning, I have wanted to go through this in the best way possible.  I have thought about things and analyzed my thoughts and feelings.  I have noticed my…


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A Rookie's Take on Dialysis: Who Knew the Bee Gees Were Writing Dialysis Tunes?

Ah...ah...ah...ah...Stayin' Alive!

It's Wednesday and I just got back from dialysis and I am staying alive.  In two days, I will go for another dialysis treatment...so I can stay alive.

This is my main objective these days...stay alive.

This has been one of the biggest…


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A Rookie's Take on Dialysis: Ten Things I Have Learned So Far

photo cred: Alexandra Danae Chubachi

Okay, so I have only been on dialysis for about a month now (12 runs) which is why I am qualifying myself as…


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Guest blog from my daughter visiting me in dialysis

Here's a short guest blog with pics from my daughter Alexandra who visited me in dialysis this week.…


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I have spent most of my life moving fast.  I love moving fast.  I love accomplishing a lot of things in a short amount of time.

When I was in grade 12 I had a poster up on my bedroom wall on which I broke the week up into half-hour blocks.  Of the 112 waking hours I had each week,…


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Dialysis: Adventure or Adversity

Well, the time has come.  

For years now the word "dialysis" has flitted in and out of my mind like a necessary but unwanted guest.  Ever since I was first diagnosed with IGA nephropathy in 1999 I knew that somewhere down the road dialysis was a very real…


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Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright...Hope Leaks Through

Well, from my last post I think it was fairly obvious that I was in a dark place.  My heart was sick with the disappointment of a delay in my transplant date.  In times like those, when the bleakness is most pronounced, it can feel like hope will never return.  Many people encouraged us and were…


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Hope Deferred Makes The Heart Sick

We received difficult news today.  

We had been signed off as ready to go for the kidney transplant and the transplant date had been set for February 26th.  Though terrified we had both come to grips with the date.  We had been working to get all the details set up and in place.  Our lives were calibrated to align with the transplant and we were spending all of our energy to get as emotionally, mentally and physically prepared as we could.

Never hold on to things too…


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Symmetry, Beautiful Women and a New Lease on Life

Let me tell you about two amazing and beautiful women. 

February 26, 1966, in a small, snowy town nestled in the mountains of the British Columbia interior, Bjorg Bergmann gave birth to me.  For the next 18 years, I lived and flourished under her selfless, gentle and and loving care.  Her constant positive outlook on life and belief in me filled me with unquenchable optimism.  She has always been quick to laugh, to serve, to pray, to give, to…


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I Don't Want To Jump

I remember the first time I saw a high diving board at a pool.  The bigger kids were jumping and diving off of it and I knew right then, that it was something that I needed to do.  After watching it long enough that my little 9 year old heart had amassed enough courage I climbed…


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Hard Lessons Come Through Tough Times

I know some of the fear and loss and despair that comes with kidney disease.  I am in end stage renal failure now (>15%) and am looking at a transplant this spring.  I have been struggling with kidney disease for about 15 years but these last three have been the hardest.  

I am coming to the end of my…


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