Can anyone tell me how the "standard time" for dialysis came to be 4.25 hours?

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Comment by Sadia Baig on February 15, 2018 at 12:20

Hey Michael.

So from what I've heard, no actually scientific data or research had ever gone into why they chose patients to do 3.5hrs. It was just convenient at the time for patients to do that many hrs of dialysis.

Personally I'm currently doing 4.5hrs 3x a week at my dialysis unit because I've felt that it makes me feel better, rather then the 3.5. Its known that the more you do the better you feel considering a healthy kidney works 24/7 and doing dialysis just 3x a week for 3.5 hrs is for sure not enough. 

sorry i don't have an actually answer for you. If anyone has actually answers please share. good questions!



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