Well, I've never written a blog before but I guess it doesn't hurt to try. I learned a few weeks ago that I am getting a transplant in October. My cousins wife has been gracious enough to donate to me.

I have to be honest, 3 weeks away from the surgery i have some anxiety. Good anxiety I think. I mean I was nervous getting my wisdom teeth out! I like most people have many questions running through my mind. I don't have the answers but when in life do we have all the answers?

As I sit here in my truck waiting for my daughter to come out from ballet, I can't help but think how nice it will be when I don't have to rush home and do my dialysis. These are the times when I'm alone where I think about life, and why my is the way it is.

I think to myself that there is a reason for everything. Like my cousin marrying his wife. She became part of my life and now she's my donor. Their marriage was meant to be. Why did I have yo have kidney failure? Am I one of the chosen messengers for the big guy upstairs? I feel special in that he chose this for me to help educate and inspire others. I've been inspired by so many people and have inspired many myself since being diagnosed.

Well my daughters going to soon be out so I'll sign off for now.


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Comment by Justin LeRoux on October 2, 2013 at 21:22
Well it has been a few weeks since my last post and I am again at Tim Hortons waiting for my daughter to come out of ballet.
I'm exactly 2 weeks away from my transplant and I'm very excited. Pretty much everyone at my work knows now and the support I'm getting is overwhelming.
I've been thinking skit about my donor. She is truly my angel. But through all of this people keep forgetting about another special person on all this, my cousin Quentin. He has been so supportive of his wife Nikki throughout this process. I think often times we forget about the others involved because we get so wrapped up in acknowledging the donor. Don't get me wrong, what Nikki is doing is beyond words no doubt about it. But I wish I could say the words to my cousin to let him know how thankful I am for his support of Nikki. Most people font know but he was tested as well and was willing to do this for me as well.
Having someone in your corner is do important in life. I have my wife, she's my rock. She's there when I'm mad. Sad, happy, scared, she is never not there. I know how much Nikki appreciates Quentin.
To see whet they are sacrificing for me is beyond words. I know this will forever strengthen our bond as family and I am looking forward to many years with this kidney and it's all because of Nikki and Quentin!



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