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At 13:03 on April 22, 2018, jo marshall said…
Hi Eleanor, I am sorry you are feeling frustrated with the info you don't think you are getting from your Doc. Remember what I previously, you can get your blood work results if you ask.
When I was first Dx with CKD, I wanted to know all sorts of things so that I could stop whatever was happening. Well, neither info nor the renal food plan could stop it. And even now when my function appears to be getting better, there is still nothing I can do except take care of me properly. You have said you went to the kidney clinic where you met the people who can guide you. They who have your records can guide you far better than someone who doesn't know what your blood work shows. I hope you are satisfied with your meeting with Dr. Lam. He is very knowledgeable. jo
At 13:06 on April 18, 2018, jo marshall said…

Well, no car certainly adds a wrinkle.  What did you say your eGFR was?  and your creatinine level? Where ever you get your blood work taken, they can tell you how you personally can also get the results, for you are entitled to them by law.  You can see your entire medical file if you ask!

Teleconference is much better than no visual contact.  I would think that you have to ask Dr. Lam for a referral to Kidney Centre at the Orillia Hospital, OSMH,  and then, because you are at a distance, you might be able to contact the different people over the phone.   I have found them wonderful, and totally knowledgeable. 

If your GFR rating is in the moderate or severely diminished functioning range you are too well for dialysis.  You have to be in renal failure for dialysis.   Personally I think the kidney food plan is what is essential, plus there are various medications that you really should NOT take, like anti-inflammatories.

You most likely have special questions that the fam. doc. nor the diabetic team simply can not answer for it is not their field.

How would you get to Orillia?  Bus or friend?  

ah, I see your GFR is 29.  That is in the severely diminished functioning range.  Any idea how fast it is dropping?

At 12:02 on April 14, 2018, jo marshall said…

I had never heard that kidney disease was inevitable if one had diabetes, but I do know that over 50% of the people I have met also have diabetes.  I assume that the Huntsville H has a kidney unit.  That makes it handy for you, but how does Dr. Lam follow you?  Does he see patients there, or do you have to travel to Orillia to see him?   What they really need to see is your regular blood work, for that shows the status.

At 11:06 on April 14, 2018, jo marshall said…

Hi Eleanor!  Yes, I know Dr. Lam!  He is one of the 4 Doctors who rotate through the Dialysis Unit and have clinics at the Orillia hospital.  I see Dr. Poulopoulos.  I like him the best for he is my Doc, but I really trust them all. 

I was in renal failure and that is what put me in Dialysis, and now my kidneys have started to recover.  No one knows why.

My GFR shows kidney functioning rising into the severely diminished category, not so great, but sure beats failure!  Just as long as the numbers keep rising!  the Doc says there is nothing I can do about it, so I am maintaining the same life style including food plan as I did when I was on Dialysis.

How do you like this storm?          jo

At 13:34 on April 12, 2018, Barbara Hayward said…

Hi Eleanor,

I"m a 70 year young woman who is diabetic ( type2) and have renal failure.  After attending the kidney clinic for over 4 years I started on dialysis last December.  Found the twin bag too limiting for my busy life and in Feb of this year I stated on the "cycler" machine.  Going well so far-- do not have any problems then trying to figure how to travel with all the fluids and equipment etc. Not caused by my diabetes -- I have 4 other relatives with the same problem. Yet the Docs say not genetic just a tendency.  Go figure.




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