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At 15:06 on April 19, 2018, Eleanor Sheets said…

Hi Jo:

No, no idea if the number 29 is rising or falling. The doctors keep me in the dark. It must be a big secret or something. I just get frustrated as they say "o.k. now you have Chronic Kidney Disease and here is a book and some pamphlets so go and take care of yourself". I just get frustrated. And now I wait for the ultrasound and the dietician and nurse at the diabetic centre and the visit with Dr. Lam so I just sit and don't know if I should limit my intake of liquid or eat only white bread where the diabetic diet said 'only whole grain bread". It is just crazy. 

At 12:16 on April 18, 2018, Eleanor Sheets said…

Hi Jo:

Yes the Huntsville hospital has a dialysis unit but first we start at the Orillia hospital and then when a space comes up in Huntsville we can go there. And I will be teleconferencing with Dr. Lam. I had the blood work and am having the ultrasound on my kidneys in May and they will send the results to him. Then I meet with him via the television here in Huntsville and we will keep in contact that way. I could go down there if that is what I want but I don't have a car so this is better. Also he comes here sometimes to see patients so I can see him then if I prefer. For now I will just teleconference. But my diabetic doctor and family doctor suddenly can't remember anything. Both of them haven't made me feel comfortable talking to them. My family doctor doesn't know, doesn't know, doesn't know. The diabetic doctor is a little better but all not by much. All three doctors have different opinions. What to do?

At 11:54 on April 14, 2018, Eleanor Sheets said…

Hi Jo:

I hate this storm and it is supposed to keep coming for awhile yet. I have not met any of the other doctors down there yet. I guess that I am a newbie. I have Type 2 diabetes (insulin dependent) and, as my family doctor said, kidney disease was 'inevitable'. What a jerk. Who wants to hear that. Thanks for answering my comment though. Take care.

At 10:45 on April 14, 2018, Eleanor Sheets said…

Hi Jo:

Yes I go to Dr. Lam in Orillia. Want to be friends. You, Barbara and me. What a group eh? Do you go to the Orillia hospital? I will go to Huntsville but want to know what stage you are at with your Kidney Disease? Thanks. 




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