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Kugonza Brian

Kampala, Uganda


Redwater, Canada

Dawn Stout

Hermitage, TN, United States

jim chevrette

sudbury ontario, Canada


Chilliwack, bc, Canada

Garylouie de guzman

Toronto,ontario, Canada

Sharon M. Omand

Lynn, MA, United States

Tamara Dzikewicz

Brooklin, Ontario, Canada

Danielle Nichol

Lloydminster, Canada

Irene Waters

New Britain, CT, United States

Mike Procter

Sharbot Lake, Ontario, Canada


Toronto, Canada

Cathy Mutch

West Bank, BC, Canada

Jean Hoffmann

Sussex, WI, United States


Ontario, Canada

Alan Vaugeois

Edmonton, Canada

Pauline lloyd

Cardiff, United Kingdom


Carrollton, GA, United States

Colin Lyle Jordan

St. Albert, Alberta, Canada


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Call Toll-Free: 1 866 390-PEER (7337)
A Kidney Foundation Program Coordinator will talk with you and discuss your request to be matched with a Peer Support Volunteer.

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