Does anyone in Canada with Stage 3 CKD know where online i can find a good list of foods to eat and other good diet info?

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Comment by Susan Westwood on February 28, 2018 at 8:54

Hey Jo, thanks for the advice. I feel for you leaving coffee behind. I will hold onto my morning mug adps long as I can but if the day comes it has to go I can do it. I used to eat whole bags of chios, and I don't mean the little ones, and now after only 4 months of no salt i tried one chip and the salt felt like it was burning my mouth. Like you saud, you do what you have to. Thanks again . Have a good day.

Comment by Susan Westwood on February 28, 2018 at 8:43

Great advice Ron and Jo. I wrote to a renal network recently and they sent me an actual list of foods better for the kidneys and those to avoid. It's just what I needed sone kind of rough guidelines. I mean if I should avoid orange juice and have apple juice instead why not choose apple? Together with the info you shared with me I'm much clearer on my diet. Thank you both,

Comment by Ron Grant on February 26, 2018 at 8:45

Hi Jo,

Just re-reading my posts..I sound like a broken record! (keep saying the same things). Sheesh,

Anyway...No food restrictions post transplant, but of course they recommend to avoid low grade/highly processed foods. (i.e. deli meats, fast food, frozen processed food, etc.) No problem, we always ate well anyway. Alcohol in moderation, same as on dialysis. We usually split a light beer after work..does the trick. Actually, quite often we'll split a non-alcoholic beer. Either works..just that little wind-down is all I'm looking for. 

The transplant went flawlessly. I have had no issues, and a year later going extremely well. I won the lottery..I had a complete stranger donate a kidney, and I was the lucky recipient, after 6 yrs of 4x daily PD.(although to be honest, it wasn't really much of a big deal in my went very well without any issue for 6 yrs)

And whether I'm young or not is always relative. (for a 16 yr old, I'm ancient, for an 80 yr old, I'm just a kid)..I'm 59.

Oh, and my dietician told me not to worry about the double boil, once was fine. That was her opinion, or course, but it worked for me! (or soak them in a large volume of room temp water for 4 hrs). Enjoy that singing. (how could you not?)

Comment by jo marshall on February 26, 2018 at 8:23

Ron is a great voice of experience!   I so relate to and agree with everything he has said, except  LOL!  except I can't be bothered with the double boil of potatoes.  With this back problem I can't stand up for very long, so I am getting good at fast meals!  Potatoes are bland without salt anyway.  LOL!

Are you happy with the transplant?  No probs?  You must be young, for transplants are not even discussed around me.  Ron, are you still on a semi-restricted diet?

I can give into the urge/desire for a FF , or baked sweet over holidays by having just just one bite.  That is all I really need for the reality of my desire is greater than the reality of the super delicious taste of the treat.  However, I think I may still be emotionally reacting to how absolutely horrible I felt (I think I was dying) prior to dialysis.  I couldn't even think - I would tell people I had molasses in my brain.  It was the Urea (bun).   I don't ever ever want to feel like that again and will even give up ice cream if I have to. TG I can have my cherry ic!  In moderation!

and now I am off to town and then my Monday choir rehearsal!

Comment by Ron Grant on February 26, 2018 at 7:52

Just a follow up to Jo's email..I really think that there are no 100%  "forbidden" foods with the renal diet, just restricted ones, some severely. If there's something you really enjoy, you don't need a lot of it, just a taste. I'm not a huge potato chip eater, but if someone beside me is eating them, man it's tempting. So I'd have a couple. Literally..two. Maybe that's torture for some, but for me, I had my taste, which is better than nothing to me. Same went for any food on the restricted list. And as for potatoes...I ate them (in moderation!) after soaking/boiling them. (sliced I suppose baked potatoes were forbidden)

I would test my 'theory' by having the potatoes a day before blood work, and it didn't affect my 'normal' potassium readings. (which were not normal, anyway).  I know everyone's different, but the bottom line is that, on occasion, I believe that you can have a taste of anything. All that said, if you're someone who can't stop once they start ...never mind. Just avoid it. 

Comment by jo marshall on February 25, 2018 at 9:33

I love what Ron wrote about certain restaurant foods tasting like a salt lick!  A friend brought me a chicken salad sandwich from Timmy's, and it was delicious, and then as a treat I bought me one a couple of weeks later, and another 2 weeks after that. Well, on the last one I could taste the salt on my lips!  It was no longer super delicious. I don't eat it anymore.

When I was first Dx with CKD in late November, I immediately googled it and saw the food considerations.  I asked for a referral to the kidney dietician and didn't get it. I asked for a referral to a reg. dietician and didn't get it.  I copied pages from the Renal Association and went with that.  I felt desperate to do something beneficial for me, and then 2 weeks later I crashed into dialysis and all the information I wanted was given to me.   Susan, beware of your potassium and phosphorous intake.  Reduce dairy. no nuts nor chocolate nor potatoes or multigrain or ww breads.  White rice ok, but not brown and no lentils.  There are many forbidden foods, and I just don't even tease myself by looking at them.  Because I have also developed a bladder problem I had to eliminate caffeine and all dark pops.  You do what you have to do and don't grumble.  It is a choice.  I also had to change some meds and got off acetaminophen and went on something else for severe back problems.   Read labels and consume no more than 2,000 g of salt daily.   But you are only Gr 3.  I bipassed 3 and went directly to 4!   You can eat more than I.   

ps, I need my dog, too.     

Comment by Susan Westwood on February 25, 2018 at 9:01

Jo, Thank you so much for these powerful words of wisdom. I totally agree wirh you. I am new to my diagnosis  and i just need a   good list of general  foods to avoid, like foods hard on the kidneys. Im seeing my cardiologist tomorrow and my GP after that and plan to ask about a good dietition. Thanks for your help.

Comment by jo marshall on February 25, 2018 at 7:43

Susan, I have received this from the dietician at the Kidney Care Centre in Orillia.  They are excellent knowledgeable people there.  In regards to following a food plan, I think it is highly individualistic - depends upon what our body demands.  I have eliminated certain foods such as potatoes and salt.  It has been easy for me for many of the forbidden foods I wasn't eating anyway, like chocolate.  I do miss my caffeine, though.  However I still eat my onion rings and a Junior burger at Harvey's!

What I really want to say is that I am insisting on maintaining a life outside of dialysis (twice a week) and medical appointments.  My music is so important to me and I have even joined a second choir!   I feel I have done what I have had to do to maintain my health, and now it is time to continue to live joyously.  Depressive thoughts race through the head periodically, but they can be controlled through my music.          jo

Comment by Susan Westwood on February 24, 2018 at 10:27

No reason for awe with me. We all have to deal with what life gives to us, one thing at a time. Sometimes it gets overwhelming but I then try to take a step back, change the conversation in my head and try to do something soothing like  patting my dog, simple things like that can truly help. I'm a firm believer in the  healing power of pets.My neurologist gave me a letter to carry in my wallet confirming the assistance I get from my dog with support to help with my anxiety. He comes to all my appointments with me and for most tests and wow takes the pressure right off. A great bonus is he also relieves others tensions tensions too  in hospitals too . When they see him   takes their minds off their health issues win.

Comment by Ron Grant on February 23, 2018 at 16:30 win. (I mean, I just had kidney issues)  I must say that I am impressed with your perseverance. In awe, really.  From this point forward, no more complaining from this wimp. Anyway, nice 'chatting'. Bye.



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